In the Presence of Divinity

ShenYun2014_Tang_BD00562_8x10(1)In clouded evenings, when the sun drops toward the horizon, rays of light pierce the mists separating heaven from earth. As those bright shafts beam through the clouds, those who see them stop for a moment. It is as if, for one shining moment, a greater presence draws aside the silver veil, allowing us to see into a place far more beautiful than the world we know.


This photograph is used by permission from Shen Yun officials

In these times of transcendence we seek the divine. In powerful music and brilliant art, in great books and with wise friends, we are touched by something both profound and ethereal.

This post is dedicated to Shen Yun Performing Arts. Through music and dance, Shen Yun presents a dynamic performance, transporting audiences into that place of harmony between heaven and earth. Legends spanning five thousand years leap across the stage, strikingly colorful. Famous tales from the great classics of Chinese culture—The Journey to the West, The Outlaws of the Marsh—come alive in amazing beauty. The dance is distinctive, with airy leaps and vibrant spins. When the melodies begin, you will know you are in the presence of Shen Yun, “the beauty of heavenly beings dancing.”

Find out more about this non-profit performance at:

—Kate Calina



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