About Kate

CalinaPicKate Calina was born in Bronx, New York, to a medieval historian and his lovely wife, a Latin scholar. From a young age Kate explored works of literature and classical legend, delving deeply into world mythology. She majored in the Great Books and pre-medical sciences, pondering the writings of Dante and Dostoyevsky, Jane Austen and T.S. Elliot. After graduating from Notre Dame, she completed medical school. During those years, Kate worked with the homeless, helping people in the midst of upheaval. As a pediatric resident in Sacramento, California, she devoted much of her time to providing care to Ukrainian and Hmong refugees.

Kate has established a thriving medical practice in the Rocky Mountains. In the midst of caring for her patients, she has taken an active role in all things Pediatric. She travels throughout the state, speaking before audiences great and small on behalf of the children of her state. She’s been a lead coordinator of literacy programs for her practice, placing thousands of books in the hands of young readers.

Ever engaged in literature, Kate explores works of fiction, history, science and poetry. She loves Asian classics like The Journey to the West, and Romance of the Three Kingdoms. She transforms  life experiences into complex characters in settings that span the globe. Kate connects with people in every stage of life, in bus stations in New York, the reservations of South Dakota, the projects of Chicago, and the Tijuana dump. In a world touched by joy and deep suffering, she seeks answers to the challenges confronting our lives.

Kate has written a work of fantasy, exploring themes close to her heart. In her first book, Arid Rider, she’s created a vibrant world set in the lands of the East, dancing through mysterious and complex ideas—love and knowledge, compassion, death, and the world beyond the grave. This realm of ancient races— wizards and the high orders of the djinn—has been created by an author with a distinctive understanding of what lies beyond the surface of things. Kate’s ready to connect with those who share her excitement, delivering compelling and passionate words with a savvy that comes from years of public speaking and story-telling.

This new series begins with Arid Rider, flowing powerfully into the next book, The Flight of the Charadrius. The second book expands a world of wonder. The immensity pours out into glaciers and deserts, rumbling into cavernous places hidden far from human eyes. New creatures emerge—fiery carbuncles, towering chomnail, mischievous banderil—appearing unexpectedly as three princes confront a host of malevolent beings. It is a mysterious world, caught between hope and human misery, lifted up by creatures capable of greatness.

Kate Calina can be reached at katecalina@msn.com


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