This triology is dedicated to victims of war.  Seven years ago, my family adopted our first refugee family. They had fled the violence along the Burmese-Thai border.  Our Karen family had been forced to abandon their village when the Burmese army closed in.  They knew what was happening in neighboring villages. When the military arrives, the soldiers force villagers to work as porters, carrying ammunition for the army to destroy the next village.  Porters are beaten and left for dead if they fail to do what is demanded of them.  Karen villages are burned to ashes. Our family fled to a refugee camp in Thailand. They remained there for several years, until finally their arrival in the United States was approved. Now they have begun a new life far from the warm forests they once knew, trying to find their way in a bewildering culture.

A portion of the proceeds from all Kate Calina’s works goes to refugee families from all over the world. Thank you for your support.



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