The Rising

030The Rising by Robert Ovies

Marion Klein was dead. Her hand was cold and hard as she lay in the funeral home. Father Mark knew she had moved on. He had touched her inanimate body. He had said the funeral service and watched as the last  mourner filed out into the night. Another lovely woman had fallen victim to cancer.

But what was he to make of the mysterious message recording on his answering machine as he walked through his back door? A brittle voice cried out to him from the funeral home: “Please come back if you can. Marion Klein is alive.”

A whirl of incredible images crashed through the quiet community of Royal Oaks. Marion Klein was alive! In short order the ambulance rushed her warming body to the hospital. Incredulous doctors soon discovered that not only was the woman alive: she was well. The cancer was gone.

Back at home, nine year old CJ Walker shuddered as newscasts exploded across the TV screen. Here, in his own city, a wonderful woman had returned to life. The young boy sat in the darkness, taking it all in. Only CJ knew the truth. “It was me.”

He had stood by his mother at the funeral service, eyes wide in the hush of sorrow surrounding the dead woman’s body. His young hand had reached out for Marion. “Be well.” And with that touch, those simple words, she had risen from the dead.

Far away in New York, fifteen year old Anthony Cross lay still in his bed, barely breathing. Lung cancer had claimed the life of his mother six years ago. His broken father paced the hallways, willing his dying son to live. Under the rich mahogany panels crowning the great halls of his mansion, the powerful man fought for his son, summoning private physicians and round-the-clock nurses. Mr. Cross knew Anthony’s final hour was fast approaching, despite all the  treatments for his leukemia. He would do anything to save the life of his only son.

Other miracles followed the first. The city of Royal Oaks was in an uproar. Distraught mothers stood in the rain on CJ’s front lawn, clutching the hands of their sick sons and daughters. Police fought to keep order as hundreds of ailing men and women closed in on CJ’s front porch, seeking a miracle. As a captain from the Department of Defense walked through her door, CJ’s mother Lynn knew that all hope of a normal life for her young son was rapidly fading.

The Rising is, quite simply, an excellent book. CJ, his parents, and his pastor, Father Mark, are thrown into unpredictable settings as the world moves in upon them, seeking to control the boy who can overpower death itself. Greed and fear flare wildly in scenes touched by hope and the beauty of love. The ending is startling in its fast-paced drama. I look forward to the sequel!

–Kate Calina


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