The Relic of Perilous Falls

059The high altar was in ruins. Elite Nazi forces—the Green Devils—had overrun the coastal town of Ortona, Italy. In the midst of the stench invading the basilica, an American soldier crept towards the exposed gold glinting within the shattered altar. Jacob Wilder knew what was inside the shining casket. As he placed the precious relics in a velvet sack, a cadaverous German officer stumbled towards him. Instantly Jacob drew his weapon, knowing what demon stood before him in the Courtyard of Hell.

The Relic of Perilous Falls is a grand adventure from its opening scenes. Young Will Wilder is as bold as his visionary ancestor—and gifted with similar powers. Black shadows creep along the periphery of Will’s vision, only to vanish when he fixes his gaze on them. Mysterious thuds pound away at the roof, alerting him to the dangers approaching his own home. Reptilian Bottom Dwellers follow the tides of the Perilous River and swarm the town.  When demons emerge from the river shoals, few of the quarrelous residents comprehend what is erupting from the Hells Mouth.  Will has to act quickly as he learns what it is to be a member of the secret Brethren.

Will Wilder is an endearing hero. Though reckless and impatient, he is also quick-witted, and determined to find a way to fix the grave problems his impulsivity has created.  With him on the journey is the wise and lithe Aunt Lucille, a weathered veteran in the demonic wars threatening to engulf Perilous Falls.

Raymond Arroyo is an author with keen insight.  His novel develops vital themes of spiritual awareness, power and division, in an engaging and accessible way.

–Kate Calina


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