When the Soul Mends

In the woods and farmlands of Ohio and Pennsylvania, the Amish culture thrives. Old Order Amish hold to their ancestral convictions, shunning electricity and the modern world that comes through power lines. Hannah Lapp was raised near the waters of the Susquehanna, in the community of Owl’s Perch. She’d known its chicken coops, smokehouses, and old oak trees since infancy. Marriage was a bright light in the clear path of her future. That all changed on the night of the attack. With the community elders and her own parents turning against her, Hannah left all she’d ever known, a shunned woman. Beyond the Pennsylvania turnpikes, her trampled soul found new life in the friendship and love of Martin Palmer.  She thrived in the colorful new world, mothering two children abandoned by their mother and learning the art of nursing.

Then the fires started back home. David Esh, only fifteen, died in burning smoke in Owl’s Perch. Quiet rumors pointed towards arson. The finger of suspicion turned on Sarah, Hannah’s troubled younger sister. Realizing then how much her family still needed her, Hannah headed home—and right back into the life of her former fiancée, Paul. More than ever, Paul saw her strength and intelligence as he worked by her side to heal her younger sister. Under the light of kerosene lamps and by the grave of her own daughter, Hannah realized she’d never been abandoned by the man she’d first come to love.  With that knowledge came terrible choices and inescapable heartbreak.

Cindy Woodsmall is a New York Times best-selling author. The Wall Street Journal has named her as one of the top Amish fiction authors in the country. She’s written several series about the Amish, including The Amish of Summer Grove, Amish Vines and Orchards, and Sisters of the Quilt. When the Soul Mends, the powerful capstone book of the Sisters of the Quilt series, is a Logos Fiction Book of the Year.

–Kate Calina


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